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I got invested in (and more)

2014-10-25 08:40:41 by mooseisloose

Lots going on, let's plough through it all quickly kids!

Earlier this year I got given a big pile of money, an awesome office and a big old support team by WebStart Bristol. In exchange I had to create a new company (Paper Street Games) and give them 10%. The company is now doing well, making money and games and stuff for mobile. Go check it out at or don't; your choice.

I just released my first flash game in years called Occulus and after a nice little message from Mr Fulp I have loaded it with score-based medals. There is a possibility of more medals but I am incredibly busy right now so let me know if you'd want to see more... supply and demand! There's also an awesome free mobile version that's just... better? It's available on both iOS and Android from our website for free.

I also had a game on NG a few years ago called Run-O-Saur, which I then released on iPhone. With some of the lovely investment money I recieved, the game has now been completely redesigned, packed with fun new features and upgrades and released on Android as well as re-released on iOS, so go check out Run-O-Saur for free here.

I know there was a lot more to talk about but it's one of those posts where excitement makes you forget stuff unfortunately. Also our company Twitter page follows any games developers, so hit us up on there. We only follow developers/publishers/press so we have no clutter when we need to get hold of people, though.

Finally, Armor sponsorship!

2011-10-06 04:43:03 by mooseisloose

It's taken me years and years to get sponsored by but it's been something I have been trying for since they were! I have a load more games not on NG, in fact, my best games are not on NG imo. Anyways my new game Flagman got sponsored by so check it out here.

I have also redesigned my blog/website/portfolio thingy so go take a look at and follow me if you're nice enough!

Now to go get my other 10+ unreleased games sponsored...

Hey kids! Here to promote the release of one of my biggest games to date: Sage.

It's a sequel to my old game Viridia which has done incredibly well in my opinion. This time sponsored by I am hoping you will all enjoy it and add it to your site if you have one!

Onto other news... I currently have 7 other games now finished and ready for release! I will let them out slowly though rather than mass-release them so keep your eyes peeled! =]

Also get on my site to be in with a chance of winning $100 a month and lookout for the upcoming flash competition!


New game and about 7 more to come!

FINALLY released Oran!

2009-06-10 12:07:05 by mooseisloose

I made a small platformer last year during a free morning at school and whacked it on to try and get a sponsor. I had a deal and after 8 months I finally thought "okay this sponsor is dicking me around.... WHERE MA MONEY!?" and went on to try for new sponsorships. made an offer and BAM we were away! A couple of days later I finally got to release my game: Oran.

The sponsor was quick and easy to deal with which was great, but unfortunately I had to remove all my website branding so I guess I will use this post as a quick plug to my website - =]

Please play and review. I am actually going to be working on a sequel as I have had many people say they wanted more levels and a bit more of a challenge, so it would be very nice if people could suggest other things to be in the levels? New enemies, new hazards, anything! Please leave reviews and suggest things you would like to see as the only reason this one is as short and empty as it is, is because I lack the imagination of what else to put in it =\


FINALLY released Oran!

New game: Viridia

2008-11-10 13:12:44 by mooseisloose

So I got bored one night and popped out a platformer in just over 3 hours. The next thing I know, offer me a rather high amount of cash for sponsorship and the game is ready for release!

I have to say this was the first game in a while that was fun to make (because I made it so quickly that I could constantly see progress, and other developers will know how satisfying it is to see progress whilst working on flash) and also because I got to work with an AMAZING sponsor!

Not only did I get paid a lot more than I thought I would, but they replied straight away everytime, they didn't ask much of me yet they helped me if needed and the whole deal could've been done in a day if I hadn't been watching as much TV. Then they even overpaid me hundreds of dollars... and let me keep it when I told them!

Great sponsors, fun game to make, lots of money, go check the game out by clicking here!


Months later... it's finally out!

2008-10-24 02:38:21 by mooseisloose

After a lot of hard work, then a few months waiting for the sponsors to stop outbidding eachother, my latest game is finally out! Greatly inspired by Storm The House 2 and games like it, this is definately my best work to date (although I have other games awaiting sponsorship that will surely rival it). This is the 5th in the Purplenum series and in my opinion the best.

I don't mean to sound cocky and bigheaded but I was hoping for a daily 4th/5th but didn't even get close due to a fairly large amount of high-scoring submissions yesterday so I am a tad dissapointed but oh well.

Go enjoy it and leave some reviews!


EDIT: Apparently I forgot the link... here you go!

EDIT 2: Tom Fulp played my game! WIN!

Months later... it's finally out!

Sponsors suck.

2008-09-10 13:04:10 by mooseisloose

So I have 2 hard-worked games that I consider pretty good as do the people that have had a sneaky peek and play. I've had the odd offer here and there from sponsors but things are just going tits-up!

The first game got $1,200 up-front, then +$1,000 for the first million views and +$2,000 for the second million views. I wasn't sure at first but I eventually accepted. After over a month of communications with the sponsor waiting for them to send over their preloader and other stuff I finally had it in perfect shape and ready to go... at which point they told me I had to delete my website's logo from the intro! I then told them no and put the game back on sponsorship.

It's been a good month or so and the offers are yet to top $100 so I asked the website from before if the deal was still open... no reply.

The second game is the third from a series and if easily my best game made yet. The site that sponsored the first 2 is not interested, however 2 extremely large websites (possibly 2 of the largest) have shown interest... but only made bids upto $600 which isn't even close to what I want. I had a HUGE bid for the game but the sponsor changed their mind.

Basically, sponsors are willies! They need to stop changing their bloody minds! IF YOU MAKE AN OFFER TO A DEVELOPER, HONOUR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also try taking less than 2 weeks to reply to mails! Apart from Armorgames and Legitgames, every sponsor I have spoken too takes weeks to reply! I get you're busy but a lot of the time all you need to type is a single word!

From sponsors taking forever to get on with it or changing their minds I have been royally raped on my car insurance and cannot drive, I have been unable to pay multiple other important things and am now sat in a dark room with a blanket around me extremely bloody hungry! us developers don't just try and get our games sponsored for shits 'n' giggles, some of us need the fucking money!


My flash website just turned 1 year old! Also crossing the 30 million hits mark, I would say the first year has been a fairly successful one!

Over the next few weeks/months I may start making more flash games and using the sponsorship money on advertizing to try and raise the site upto the next level for it's second year in circulation. Thanks to those of you that have used the site over the last year, I hope you continue too! Please tell friends and family, use it in school and work, play a part in the site's rising!

I am also going to take this opportunity to quickly plug my new site - selling designer labelled clothing at extremely low prices! Although the site is far from finished it is finally set-up with a PayPal shopping cart feature so it can be used.

I have also come up with a few big innovative ideas for new ways to make lots of money online, because although may not be about the money, I'm just the same as every other guy out there that wants to get his hands on some of the world's precious money! So watch out for new posts on my blog as I'm sure things will be revealed in the near future!

~ Joe Willmott

New game using the new NG ad system!

2008-03-28 21:59:50 by mooseisloose

Righties so go check out my new game OmgLasersPewPew as it will rock your socks* and I'm trying out the new NG ad thingy on it... hopefully gonna gain more money than through sponsorship =D

Click the ads, tell your friends, vote 5, make me happy =]

*may not rock socks

New game using the new NG ad system!

If you want $10,000 just for playing flash games then go check out and stuffs...

Anyways in flash-ish news:
- I have a new defense game waiting to be released if only I could get a sponsor (they are all offering less than I want right now)
- I have a crap new minigame I will release when I get a sponsor (doesn't even have to pay much)
- I just released a terrible quiz called H.M.O.A.C.A.Y.? that I made in about an hour... Nick Mousoulou came up with the idea so I made it for him.
- I have a new shooter in progress which is going to be AMAZING and make me lots of sponsorship moneys that I will then spend on ad campaigns for =D

I also got offered $15,000 for my website recently... which is tosh and I refused the offer without batting an eyelid... however if people throw the right amount of green in my face I'm sure I could be swayed ;)


Now reply to my blog post and make me seem popular!!!

~Joe Willmott

IMAGE: Just so you know, the image is from the defense game I want a sponsor for... well actually I was too lazy to take a screenshot so I just used the thumbnail I created for where I am trying to get it sponsored =p

Want $10,000 just for playing flash games?